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In 2010 Avril Sanderson set up Silk-Pig in North Nottinghamshire to produce beautiful, traditionally crafted embroidered pieces using the finest silks and threads.

Whilst studying for a degree in Heritage Studies Avril developed an interest and knowledge of historical embroidery techniques, it is one of these techniques, known as ‘Goldwork’ which she uses to create stunning embroidered designs on the purses and accessories seen on this site.

Goldwork uses sumptuous metallic threads that are mostly laid and couched onto the surface of fabric; the threads are usually gold or silver but are alsoHenry VIII available in copper and create a richly textured surface.Traditional Henry

Originating from embroidery reserved for ceremonial garments and altar hangings in the church, ‘Opus Anglicanum’, goldwork began to be used to decorate garments of the rich. In this famous portrait of Henry VIII, the gold pattern seems to be created using goldwork as the couching is clearly visible when viewed closely.

Avril was commissioned by Orchard House Wardrobe ( to recreate the embroidery shown in a portrait of Henry VIII from his younger days. The portrait can be seen in the National Portrait Gallery in London and the recreated costume (far right) has been exhibited in Lincoln and is currently featured at English Heritage's Old Hall in Gainsborough.

Silk-Pig - unique, hand crafted silk and gold work purses, bags, hair decorations and bespoke costume decoration.

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